A dedicated service for young people in Tuncurry with outreach services.

Since 2005

2022 Aboriginal NAIDOC Debutante Ball

One Last Dance – a tribute to Aunty Margie

Homebase Youth Services were very pleased to host The 2022 Aboriginal NAIDOC Debutante Ball in Tuncurry recently. This year’s ball was very special – honouring the late Aunty Margie who started the first ball back in 2017. Aunty Margie was the heart and soul of Homebase Youth Services for 18 years sharing her knowledge, culture, wisdom and supporting all those who had the privilege of crossing paths with her. We embrace the great work she achieved and continue her legacy. We stand united for love, unity, harmony and justice.


Youth Services

Case Management & program support for local young people, together with advocacy, training, activities and events.

W.A.R.S – Worimi Advocacy and Referral Service

Supporting local Aboriginal people aged 0-99.

Families First - Supported Playgroup and Intensive Family Worker

Homebase run Supported Community Playgroups and also have an  Aboriginal Family support worker.
NAIDOC Ball Mid Coast NSW

Community Outreach

NAIDOC & Youth Week events and activities, school holiday programs, interagency support and partnerships

DLAP - Driver Licensing Access Program

Supporting local people to navigate the Licensing pathway, from pre-learners to full license.